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One of the most beautiful and imaginative ideas is the naming of stars,
A gift of the highest symbolic power.
International Star Registry - The Original since 1979

70th Birthday Gift

Reaching the age of 70 is a huge milestone. By a person’s 70th birthday they have experienced nearly every emotion there is. A 70 year old has lived a rich life of laughter and sorrow, success and defeat, and has come out on the other side stronger, wiser, and more grateful for the good things we have in the world. Finding a gift for this special birthday is extraordinarily difficult. Usually, someone celebrating a 70th birthday has bought what they want and there are few gifts that are special enough to mark this milestone. Celebrate this rich and wonderful time in the life of someone you love with a gift that shines forever. Give the custom birthday gift of naming a star after them. At 70 they’ve experienced a great time in history, great music, changing fashions and attitudes. They are hard to surprise. Dedicating star in their name is sure to amaze and delight them.